Gulf Coast Premier Promotions, LLC - Marketing IQ Survey

100 Point Entrepreneur Promotion Survey
What Is YOUR Marketing IQ?

Directions: Select each item you use in your business. Add the checks. Are a Marketing Genius?


1.I have an existing marketing plan in place for my business.
2.I have at least one person responsible for managing marketing.
3.I know who my target market is with a full written description of it.
4.I've estimated the number of customers in my target market buy from me.
5.I know my closest 3 competitors, what services they offer and their prices.


6.I have my database of clients, friends, and business associates in an organized electronic format.
7.My lead management system flows through a systematic sales pipeline.
8.I track all my leads and use an auto-response system to follow-up.
9.I use an enhanced email system with follow-up professional email campaigns.
10.I sync my data with my online address system and mobile devices.


A. Company Website:

11.I have a domain name:
12.I have more than one website domain name and the other addresses are (separate with commas):
13.I have a keyword list for my business and check it regularly to keep it updated.
14.The information on my website is current and updated on a regular basis.
15.My website is easy to navigate and easy for visitors to find info from the home page.
16.My website collects visitor information through a newsletter or FREE opt-in offer.
17.I have an autoresponder email message sent out when someone subscribes.
18.My business phone and address is listed on the home page and is easy to find.
19.I have a contact form on my site with a map or written directions (if appropriate).
20.I use a tracking phone number on my website to determine where calls are coming from.
My company website answers the following questions for visitors:
21.An About Us page or something that tells about the company’s history.
22.Services and products I offer are easy to see on the home page.
23.Different pages on the site for the different services and products I offer.
24.Enough information to answer customer’s questions.
25.Informational articles on my area of expertise.
26.Client testimonials that include a picture and name.
27.Photos of all products and services.
28.A price list or prices for our products.
29.Photos of our personnel, with contact email.
30.I have a system in place to collect email addresses for clients & potential clients.
31.I use an email marketing service like Constant Contact or iContact.
32.I produce a regular email newsletter for my customers and clients.
33.I keep track of the responses to our email mailings. (opens, click on links, unsubscribe)
34.I occasionally send special mailings to my email list (special offers or alerts).
35.I have special email sequences to use for events.

B. Online Advertising Methods – I use:

36.Pay Per Click ads such as Google Adwords.
37.Search Engine Optimization – for high search engine ranking for main key words.

C. Blogs

38.I have a blog on my website or my website is a blog.
39.I have a separate blog such as Blogger or Wordpress.

D. Social Marketing – Check off which of these your business currently has:

40.Facebook Fan Page.
41.Twitter Account.
42.LinkedIn Account.
43.Google Buzz Account.
44.Foursquare Account.
45.Stumble Upon.
48.My business is using these social marketing tools competently.

E. Local Search – Check off which search engines you've set up

52.I submit my business listings to directories and aggregators.
53.I generate coupons online for special offers.
54.I ask my customers to write reviews for my business.

F. Mobile Search – Check off what you have set up.

55.Mobile Site
56.Mobile Landing Page
57.Mobile Ads
58.QR Codes
59.SMS Texting

G. Directories – Which online directories are you using to market your business?

61.Online Yellow Pages
63.City Search
64.Merchant Circle

H. Online Ads – Where do you advertise online?

66.Google Adwords
67.Craig's List

I. Banner advertising – do you use advertising on other sites?

71.Banner network
72.Majon International
73.Point Banner
74.Just 4 Banners

J. Check all other advertising methods you use?

75.Referral program for existing customers
76.Affiliate program for related business referrals
77.Direct mail
80.Angie's List
81.Radio ads
82.Val Pak
83.Craig's List
84.Local Chamber Promotions

K. Video – I use video:

85.Online to explain or show how to use my product.
86.To promote my business through You Tube.
87.For video testimonials from my satisfied customers.
88.On my own You Tube and/or UStream channels.

Street Visibility and Signage

89.My business has a sign that is easily visible from the street. (If location is important)
90.I use billboards and/or park benches to advertise my company.

Press Releases

91.My business uses press releases to make announcements.
92.My business has a media kit for media inquiries we might receive.


93.I have an annual marketing budget.
94.My marketing budget is based on a percentage of gross income.
95.I have a consistent monthly budget for marketing and advertising currently?

Tracking - How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing methods?

96.I keep track of how a caller or new customer heard about us.
97.I keep a spreadsheet of where a call or customer came from.
98.My staff is trained to ask where a customer found out about me.
99.I have a system to separately track how my different marketing methods are working.
100.I am a Marketing Expert and have everything in my business under control.

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